Let's make
S*W*A*P*S* !

S - Special

W - Whatchamacallits

A - Affectionately

P - Pinned

S - Somewhere

What are swaps? Swaps are little handmade "remember-me" gifts that one Girl Scout trades with another. Swapping is a good way of making friends and starting correspondence. For this reason swaps usually have the giver's name and home or email address attached. The best swaps are inexpensively made out of odds-&-ends or natural materials. The swaps you make may be all identical, or they may be all quite different. Often swaps are made in keeping with a theme of a camporee or other special event. Swaps are small, usually only an inch or so in size, and are usually made with a safety pin attached so they can be pinned on a swap hat after collection.  When swapping, each person should decide how many swaps she wants to make -- she'll get that same number in return.

Swaps are made as tokens of friendship, swapped with new friends. Remember that the key words here are tokens of friendship and that they are not necessarily the most lovely objet d'art.  Swaps are made and given with love and will help you recall wonderful memories of fun scouting events!

Etiquette for S*W*A*P*S*